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Don't Get Angry! The classic Don't Get Angry! board game for your Windows Phone.

Be the first to bring all your pawns to the home row in Classic mode, be the last person to have pawns left in the game in Deathmatch mode or be the first to bring your flag back to the starting position in Carry The Flag mode.
Before starting a game, each player can set his or her playing color.
At the start of the game each player's 4 playing pieces are in his or her the out area.
The players throw a die in turn. To bring a piece into the game a player must throw a six and place a piece onto his or her starting position. Throwing a six also means that he or she can throw a die again. The piece at the starting position must be moved as soon as possible. If a piece cannot be brought into the game then any other piece in the game must be moved if possible. The playing pieces advance clockwise. They can jump over other pieces and throw out the oppontent pieces if they land on them. Pieces cannot jump over other pieces when they are in the home row.
The winner of the game is the player who manages to bring all his or her pieces into his or her own home row.
  • Two to four players.
  • Pass-N-Play multiplayer.
  • CPU-controlled players.
  • Multiple boards.
  • Multiple colors.
  • Themes (only Christmas currently).
  • Animations like rolling die and jumping pieces.
  • Automatic and manual cameras.
  • Licensed soundtracks.
  • Customizable game rules.
  • Three game modes like Classic, Deathmatch and Carry The Flag.
Jumping piece Top-down view